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Location: Baghdad

Revitalizing Iraq’s Railway System

The railway system project spearheaded by Al-Raiya Group Company signifies a momentous step towards transforming Iraq’s railway sector through innovative solutions and advanced technologies. By combining logistics and digitalization, our objective is to revolutionize the operational capacity and productivity of the railway system in Iraq, also boosting the nation’s transportation sector. This will be achieved through the integration of mechanical maintenance, technical processing, and automation operations with smart integrated systems and applications.

To realize this monumental transformative project, Al-Raiya Group Company will develop a comprehensive and cohesive plan that covers passenger transportation, digitalization, and cargo transportation services.

The company will drive a radical transformative shift in the existing transportation line connecting Iraq’s provinces, assuming responsibility for overseeing the maintenance and renovation of operational trains for this railway system. Subsequently, the main international train station in Baghdad will undergo extensive rehabilitation under the company’s supervision as well.

Al-Raiya Group Company is committed to implementing a comprehensive suite of smart railway system solutions, consisting of two distinct components. The first component focuses on employees and workers at train stations and the Iraqi Ministry of Transport. It includes an array of integrated systems involving scheduling, security control, accounting, and financial management to name a few, and the objective of this is to revive the railway transportation sector in Iraq. Meanwhile, the second component is specifically designed to cater to travelers. It involves the development of a user-friendly application that simplifies the ticket booking process and enables instant electronic payments.

Al-Raiya Group Company will rehabilitate and enhance the railway system’s container trains operating between Basra and Baghdad. In conjunction with this, they will implement a dedicated digital system that streamlines the trip organization and data management, expediting the safe and secure delivery of goods.

This project, with both its logistics and electronic aspects, revitalizes the public land transportation sector, serving as the vital link connecting the various regions in Iraq, fueling the economy, and positioning the country as a prominent player in the global transportation network.

The railway system is a project we are proud to be working towards achieving.