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Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS)

Location: Basra

Navigating Maritime Traffic: Digital Transformation

The establishment of the Vessel Traffic Management System marks a technological Iraqization and digital transformation spearheaded by Al-Raiya Group Company in partnership with the Iraqi Ministry of Transport in Iraq’s maritime industry, aimed at elevating maritime traffic.

At the heart of this transformative project, Al-Raiya Group Company is set to create a control room that will effectively manage ship maritime traffic operations within Iraqi waters, complying with the provisions outlined in the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL), and adhering to the highest standards and best practices established by the International Maritime Organization.

Al-Raiya Group Company will develop an integrated electronic system, called the Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS), which will closely monitor Iraqi territorial waters. This advanced system aims to regulate the movement of ships, ensuring their safe passage and contributing to the overall security and wellbeing of both the seas and maritime teams.

Al-Raiya Group Company is dedicated to designing this integrated system for ship maritime traffic management, guided by the principles outlined in the Just In Time (JIT) guide issued by the International Maritime Organization. This system encompasses three fundamental services that will guarantee a digital transformation in Iraq’s maritime industry. The first is the maritime traffic information service, which will provide real-time and on-demand traffic information to vessels. The second is the maritime traffic regulation service, aimed at mitigating risks and preventing accidents. The third and last is the navigational assistance service that aims to equip ship crews with vital and insightful information for their navigational decision-making process. This includes determining the maximum safe speed and establishing appropriate separation distances between vessels.

To ensure the seamless and continuous availability of real-time information, Al-Raiya Group Company will establish a robust network connecting the ship maritime traffic management system to a wide array of advanced equipment and communication tools. This integrated infrastructure will facilitate the immediate and uninterrupted flow of data to the control room. This includes radar systems, cameras, photoelectric systems, automatic identification systems (AIS), and long-range satellite sensors.

The introduction of the Vessel Traffic Management System represents a highly anticipated digital transformation within Iraq’s maritime landscape, and marks a momentous leap forward for the country’s maritime industry. This endeavor will enable Iraqi ports to maximize efficiency and streamline operations, achieving peak performance levels and optimizing maritime traffic control, and will further allow them to exercise control over the security and safety of individuals and the environment alike.

The Vessel Traffic Management System is a project we are proud to be working towards achieving.