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Electronic Barrel System

Location: Baghdad

Empowering Iraq’s Oil Industry

The Electronic Barrel is one of Iraq’s innovative solutions aimed at revolutionizing its oil industry. It is a complete electronic system carefully crafted to control, safeguard, and monitor every aspect of Iraq’s crude oil lifecycle, from its initial extraction from oilfields, through transportation and storage, to its ultimate delivery to end consumers, both within and outside Iraq.

The e-barrel system comprises twelve specialized and independent systems, harmoniously interconnected in an integrated and interchangeable manner. Their collective purpose is to meticulously align the amount of extracted crude oil with the quantity of oil barrel exports and quantities of oil internally distributed within Iraq.

All of these integrated systems come together in two central units: the Central Control Unit and the Central Monitoring and Follow-up Unit, which are located within the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

The e-barrel system covers over 7,500 km of oil derivative pipelines, more than 3,500 fuel stations, and over 1,200 fuel transportation tanks within Iraq.

The e-barrel system is not merely a smart, sustainable, and innovative solution that addresses the problems of the Iraqi oil industry; it rather stands as one of the country’s strategic digital transformative projects, unlocking the full potential of Iraq’s abundant oil wealth. It reflects our commitment to transforming the oil industry and contributing to Iraq’s development with innovative solutions.

The Electronic Barrel is a project we are proud to be working towards achieving.


7,000+ meters
10,000+ sensors and surveillance cameras
3,000+ electronic locks and trackers
12 stand-alone custom systems
2 central units
1 integrated system