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Private Transportation Gate System


The Private Transportation Gate System is a transformative project, where electronic innovative solutions merge with logistics, aiming to revolutionize this sector. By regulating and streamlining vehicle traffic, this system elevates public service standards while embracing the power of digitalization.

Al-Raiya Group Company has devised a thorough solution that puts an end to private transportation issues, replacing laborious paperwork with a user-friendly comprehensive electronic system.

In pursuit of implementing this innovative solution and guaranteeing efficient operational processes in garages, Al-Raiya Group Company, in collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, executed all necessary logistics interventions prior to operating this sector. As part of their commitment, the company undertook the maintenance and development of 19 garages located in Baghdad and various provinces across Iraq. Additionally, they constructed electronic gates in 17 garages and at Baghdad’s 6 entrances.

This transformative project, which was entirely managed by Al-Raiya Group Company from its conception to execution and operation, served as a pivotal milestone, resulting in a substantial increase in the state’s revenue. By embracing high-tech and innovative logistics, we have created a transformative solution that propels this sector forward, benefiting both Iraq and its citizens

This joint operation of the private transportation sector is a project we are proud to have achieved.