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Air Cargo Service at Najaf Airport

Location: Najaf

 Innovative Solutions For Air Cargo Services

The introduction of air cargo services at Najaf International Airport is an added value brought by Al-Raiya Group Company, enhancing Iraq’s reliability and position among global air transportation routes

Al-Raiya Group Company, through Pegasus, has established a comprehensive air cargo service at Najaf Airport, integrating both logistics and digital prowess. Leveraging state-of-the-art mechanisms and advanced technologies, Al-Raiya Group Company ensures the swift and secure transportation of diverse air cargo.

Al-Raiya Group Company is committed to providing innovative solutions for transportation tailored to accommodate various types of air cargo, adhering to the highest international standards and practices. These solutions for Najaf Airport extend to a wide range of load categories, including and not limited to foodstuffs, general merchandise, pharmaceuticals, and even live animals. Upon receiving the cargo, Al-Raiya Group Company employs specialized handling procedures to ensure its safe transportation, taking into consideration each cargo’s unique requirements. The company then transfers the air cargo to an expansive warehouse facility, where it is securely stored for distribution and delivery to the end consumer.

Al-Raiya Group Company is dedicated to developing an integrated system that guarantees the delivery of this high-quality service. The company is diligently designing this system to be user-friendly and intuitive, enhancing the client’s experience in accessing information such as available flights, submitting requests, tracking cargo routes, and determining delivery methods. This innovative solution will not only benefit clients but also enable government agencies to verify and oversee air cargo shipments. Moreover, Najaf Airport personnel will be able to proactively take necessary measures and streamline handling and delivery operations, resulting in faster and more efficient service.

The integration of electronic and on-ground components in the service at Najaf Airport significantly enhances its reliability, capacity, and position among global air transportation routes.

The air cargo service at Najaf Airport is a project we are proud to be working towards achieving.