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Two Container Terminals at Southern Umm Qasr Port

Location: Basra

Expanding Umm Qasr Port

The construction of the two container terminals at the southern Umm Qasr Port marks a significant expansive transformative project within the site of the port that is set to augment the port’s capacity by creating dedicated areas for container transportation.

This innovative solution and comprehensive implementation of this project, encompassing logistics, as well as construction, and electronic aspects, will be entrusted to Al-Raiya Group Company. The company will undertake the crucial task of rehabilitating the infrastructure, constructing versatile buildings, and installing necessary devices and equipment that ensure seamless handling and storage operations at the two container terminals.

With a strategic focus on innovation and utilizing advanced technologies, we are pleased with our contribution to the development and expansion of the southern Umm Qasr Port. This project holds great promise for Iraq’s maritime industry and further cements our commitment to transformative projects that drive Iraq’s progress.

The construction of the two Umm Qasr Port container terminals is a project we are proud of working towards achieving.