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Specialized Oil Terminal

Location: Basra

Revolutionizing Iraq’s Oil Exports

As part of the ongoing expansion efforts in Iraq’s ports, the rehabilitation and operation of the specialized oil terminal is the first to take place. It aims to organize the import and export of oil and its derivatives.

Al-Raiya Group Company is undertaking the rehabilitation of an oil terminal situated along the waterfront, spanning an impressive length of 340 meters and width of 20 meters. To ensure seamless operations and optimize productivity, Al-Rayia Group Company is equipping the terminal with expansive tanks, cutting-edge export pumps, and high-performance loading arms. Additionally, the project covers the installation of firefighting systems, monitoring systems, electrical and mechanical equipment, and the establishment of a dedicated power station for the terminal.

The rehabilitation and operation of the specialized oil terminal stands as a transformative project that streamlines Iraq’s oil exports and strengthens its global reputation for reliability. The project plays a crucial role in driving the oil sector’s resurgence, ultimately resulting in increased state revenues.

The development and operation of the oil terminal is a project we are proud to have achieved.