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Grand Welcome Yard

Location: Basrah

Revolutionizing Iraq’s Maritime Industry

 Iraq’s First Dry Port

The Grand Welcome Yard stands as a groundbreaking achievement and innovative solution for Iraq’s maritime industry, proudly marking the nation’s first-of-its-kind dry port.

Nestled strategically at the crossroads of the southern and northern Umm Qasr dry ports, The Grand Welcome Yard guarantees providing all port services of logistical, customs, security, and administrative nature under the Single Window system, while adhering to the highest standards of the maritime industry’s port operations and shipping, as mandated by the International Maritime Organization.

The Grand Welcome Yard operates an integrated platform of cutting-edge systems and innovative solutions, developed by Al-Raiya Group Company, and designed to align with the prevailing rules and laws of Iraq, set by the Iraqi Ministry of Transport and the General Company for the Ports of Iraq, propelling Iraqi ports into an era of exceptional transformative development and automation.

From vessel trackers and navigation guidance to efficient mooring, loading, unloading, and relaunching within territorial waters, every aspect of Iraqi port operations is seamlessly covered by Al-Raiya Group’s uniquely designed platform.

Dedicated to ensuring seamless operations at Iraqi ports, expanding port capacity, accelerating handling and customs clearance processes set forth by the General Customs Authority of Iraq, and ultimately bringing Iraq’s maritime industry to the next level, our integrated system encompasses a range of independent yet interconnected programs and systems. Among the notable components are the Vessel Tracking Management System (VTMS) that monitors ship trajectories and manages maritime traffic and navigation within Iraqi waters, and the ship surveillance system that complies with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code system (ISPS).

As part of the project’s operational infrastructure, the yard area underwent complete revitalization to provide essential services and supplies. This transformative project also included the construction of over 20 purpose-built buildings, meticulously designed to cater to their intended functions. These structures house various government department offices, marine agent offices, a bank, restaurant, and hotel.

Through earning the unwavering trust of the International Maritime Organization, reducing customs clearance procedures from a staggering 60 hours to a mere two hours, and providing all the essential elements required for smooth, automated, safe and secure transactions and transportation of goods, the Grand Welcome Yard has set Iraq as a new destination on the global maritime navigation map, propelling Iraq’s maritime industry into a transformative era of development.

The Grand Welcome Yard is a project we are proud to have achieved.


2.5 million square meters is the area of the Grand Welcome Yard
1.5 million square meters is the area of the Customs Inspection Yard
65+ offered services
20 buildings made to facilitate and speed up operations and ensure the well-being of clients
11 state-of-the-art specialized digital systems
8+ of the latest sonars and inspection devices in the world, including the RPM Scanner and Eagle M60 from the international Rapiscan company
4 huge gates equipped with the latest cameras and surveillance devices
1 single window