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Electronic Collection System

Location: Basra

Installing Automation & Efficiency in Iraqi Ports

The Electronic Collection System is a comprehensive and integrated system that marks the end of manual labor in Iraqi ports and the start of a transformative era for the maritime industry in the country, embracing high-tech and innovative solutions, and empowering the nation to harness its full potential through digitalization and automation.

Developed by Al-Raiya Group Company, this electronic innovative solution accelerates the pace of operations in Iraqi ports, ensuring diligent control over container movements entering Iraq through container terminals while effectively managing all financial data. This smart solution is based on a comprehensive system that covers field monitoring of handling operations and financial oversight of all types of data, including financial balances, wages, lists, and receipts.

To guarantee the flawless functioning of the system, leaving no room for gaps or failures, Al-Raiya Group Company has spared no effort in designing and providing main servers, by relying on the database engine that is renowned to be the most powerful globally, Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, and utilizing the cutting-edge Oracle Apex software platform.

Al-Raiya Group has also diligently secured a highly advanced infrastructure to support the operation of this system, with the installation of extensive optical connections and the strategic placement of surveillance cameras throughout the dry ports area.

With a steadfast commitment to overcoming the challenges that impede compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s standards, and maximizing the potential of Iraqi ports and revenue generation for the state, the Electronic Collection System automates, and emerges as a transformative innovative solution. The system further aims at cultivating trust in Iraqi ports, positioning them as vital partners alongside major regional ports in catalyzing maritime traffic and global trade within the Arabian Gulf.

We celebrate our contribution to the digital transformation of Iraq’s dry ports, elevating the nation’s standing as a strategic gateway for international trade and maritime industry.

The Electronic Collection System is a project we are proud to have achieved.