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Raiya Co. provides a wide variety of solutions and specialized services in which it ensures the flawless sense of accuracy in managament and the work flow and services and advanced solutions, such as: • Software applications. • Specialzed systems and applications for financial problems. • Archiving and Management Systems. • Edge-cutting smart cards and its implmemented applications. • Electronic Security control systems (Gates, Doors and barriers/obstacles). • Monitoring systems specialzed for all purposes and cases (Small businesses, health services, security departments), that includes thermographic and far-sighted monitoring cameras. • Images anlaysis related systems and its applications (Face-detection and Veichles licenses). • Cities and buildings Security control systems. All of these services and more are provided by Raiya Co. through its specialized teams and its partners that work tirelessly in order to deliver first-class technologies.


After conducting analysis and study, the system development starts through determine the development strategy and system work, and how introduce work and integrate it with the system

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Raiya Group Company is committed with all the services that provided in an agreement to maintain at the level of service provided (SLA) by which determine the time periods for routine maintenance within the regulations of maintenance and sustainability that are prepared for each system

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The main Vision of Raiya Group Company is providing the best and the appropriate solutions for the recipient while ensuring the continuation of system the offered service

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The strategy of Raiya Group company in providing solutions based upon support the client, studying and analyzing the activated system he has, readiness for any problems and breaches that may the client would face, studying the requirements and improvements needed from the client, suggesting solutions and added Services that could be applied in the system.

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